Team Dignitas Cup finishes

Dignitas New Years Cup

The Team Dignitas cup came to an end today, which saw the undefeated in all Painkiller compititions Vo0 take the win. The cup started on Saturday, at around 12pm GMT and lasted til around 9pm GMT the same night and saw some amazing games take place.

TsN shoutcasted near enough all matches that took place, and also provided video footage through their TvSN program. So a big big thank you goes out to TsN, who did a great job of giving the spectators some fun.

Vo0 got to the final with ease, taking out the following people on his way:

maniax [30-10]
CLains [57-0 / 43-18]
toxter [44-10 / 24-18]
Forrest [45-6 / 15-8]

In the final he came across one of his arch rival enemys (in a friendly way) in Painkiller; Stermy. Stermy had looked strong all tournament, and it was definately going to be a match to remember.

The game started off slowly, but got into a nice pace.. Vo0, however, was not going to lose. Not to anyone.

Vo0 [23-14 / 29-23] Stermy

This sees Vo0 still unbeaten in all tournaments, whether they be online or offline. When will the day he takes his first defeat come?

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0 thoughts on “Team Dignitas Cup finishes

  1. some1 can help me to see movies…i’ve downloaded one but it’s format “pkd” …wtf is that???thx for ur help and have fun ;))

  2. “its… PAINKILLER demo :P” “angdark you need pk for it” what kind of advice is it???i have painkiller game!!!… whatever… i prefer forums …have fun men

  3. Clearly you havent come across another pk demo angdark. They are all .pkm. You need to put it into your /recordings dir and use the demoplay command in the menu of painkiller. Make sure you have the correct version of pk installed though. This needs to be the same as the version it was recorded in (usually 1.35)


    The one who camped somewhere on the map everytime I joined a public ever since the beginning of painkiller. <3

  5. Angdark, we tried to help you, it was your own lack of description and utter stupidity that made us think you did not even have pk. If you want to get hostile with us for no apparent reason, we are very willing.

  6. which version of absinthe was used in this tourney?
    i can’t play the absinthe demos.

    *today theCPL released the final Ritual maps*… and took the link off 30 mins later πŸ˜›

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