Winter 2004 floorplan released

A final version of the floorplan for the The CPL – Winter 2004 event has been released.

In addition to hosting two gaming tournaments, the event will also host the first North American Qualifier for the $1,000,000 CPL World Tour. The World Tour competition game is Painkiller and the qualifier will offer $20,000 in cash prizes and $10,000 in air travel to the World Tours first $50,000 stop in Istanbul, Turkey.

Full admission for the Winter Event is $80.00 – there is no additional charge to enter an official CPL competition and/or bring your computer to the event. Spectator-Only passes are $20 for all five days of the event.

The online registration for this event will close Monday, November 15, 2004 at noon Central.

You can find the floorplan here.

The event is getting closer and closer. Its sure as hell going to be a great event for Painkiller, but I suspect that everyone is still learning.. and we will see the best Painkiller has to offer as the year 2005 progresses when everybody has perfected their style and learned everything there is to know. Only 16 days to BOOH also!

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0 thoughts on “Winter 2004 floorplan released

  1. I’ve not got an xbox, but if Id and VV (cant remember the DEVs full name) can squeeze Doom3 out of the xbox, I’m sure Painkiller can be done too.

    God knows how they do it though….

  2. Hmmm so why is it then that pc users need almost 4 times the cpu and a video card 3 generations ahead to get doom3 to run with decent fps i wonder?
    Either we are doing something very wrong ifit runs the sme on a 700mhz computer with a gf2 or the graphics on the xbox should be tuned down -ALOT- right?


  3. Thx for the info

    as for hooking a pc/shuttle up to pc i already have that wireless laptop and this pc using tv out getting the Xbox was more of a social thing instead of making people watch me playing games 🙂


  4. Not only that.. due to the nature of television the XBox can lock it’s framerate at 30 (it offen goes below that on some heavy games such as Halo in big arenas) and you don’t notice it. 30 fps on a TV feels like 90 on a PC monitor and 60fps on a TV feels smooth like a 120hz monitor.

  5. I have an Xbox & surely wouldn’t trade it for a shuttle.
    I can take it to any of my friends houses & play there.The ONLY thing i think sucks for Xbox is that FPS’s are clumsy when played with a gamepad>>>nuttin beats a KB & Mouse.Otherwise the xbox is a great deal for it’s price right now & i don’t always wanna play in a chair & would prefer a couch or bed.
    Shuttles are nice but they’re AFR MORE expensive.I already have a “gaming” ONLY rig.

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