DM_1v1_meatless Version 0.6

The map is nearing a final release and is really shaping up. If you look hard enough in the CPL forum, you can see that notable players like zyz, SteLam, Ztrider, and wreck have praised the map and even said they would like to see it used in the CPL World Tour.

Artwork on the map is still incomplete although many updates have been made in this regard. For example, there is no lighting done on the map, so every texture is equally bright. Also, the teleports are not done.

Tectonic and pha3z are looking for feedback on the CPL forum located HERE


-Outdoor spawn points moved to locations with faster exits from the room
-Spawn point added to vent next to shotgun
-Spawn point added below vents in 25/25hp room
-Moved teleport spawn in central room out from underneath catwalk
-Total of 7 spawn points on the map now
-Optimized geometry for Battle out of Hell play
-Re-tweaked teleports
-Tons of texturing added
-Other artistic geometry added
-Much more has changed visually than the length of the list indicates!

Download link:

DM_Meatless 1v1 DM_Meatless 1v1 DM_Meatless 1v1

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0 thoughts on “DM_1v1_meatless Version 0.6

  1. i like the map , they should have worked more on textures but who gives a fuck about that :p the map should be played cpl wt !

  2. “still dont like it :// i hate ramps..they ugly”
    you don’t like it because it has ramps instead of stairs? you don’t like it because of the way it looks? does it really make any difference ? ;[

  3. this is as good as absinthe imho..

    for those who say absinthe is not very good, you should test it in booh, the flow is amazing in booh absinthe 😛

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