A third Painkiller.euro duel tournament is being planned, with signups growing near. The tournament is open to everyone, and will have an initial 64 player cap unless there is high demand for more places, in which case it will be upped.

I have posted an article with rules and information, which you can read here and if you have anymore questions.. don’t hesitate to contact me in IRC: #Painkiller.euro.

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0 thoughts on “PKEURO Duel III

  1. I read on gotfrag that meatless will be used. Hopefully some of the top players (do they usually play in this tourney?) will upload demos.. I’d like to see what top-level competition looks like on meatless πŸ˜€

  2. XaKu I know you don’t like meatless. You take every single opportunity to tell me it’s bad. I think I’ve seen you post it about 5 different places now. I get it. I still haven’t seen any reasoning from you aside from you not liking how the ramps look.. but if that’s reason enough, fine.

  3. πŸ˜› …i just dont think it has any flow 2 it
    and another reason it shouldnt b used is that it hasnt been completed yet

    should only use maps that aint still in beta phase imo

  4. I read that matches will start tonight, is that matches or sign up now that signups have been delayed. One last question for the American across the pond, what time zone are times refering too?

  5. “extract to your pk-dir”unpack to where?bin dir or data dir?
    “link .pkd files to the .exe file”how to do?:((((

  6. for me is “dreamcatcher/painkiller/” πŸ˜‰
    To link i have opened two windows, then link the demo to the .exe in the other window.

  7. i cant lunch demo with this – i get “couldn find file” errors

    ive head on irc ppl have the same error, so its not only my problem
    no ive installed new 1.61 to default catologue, tryed to lunch this converter again and still nothing πŸ™

  8. be sure your “Recordings” folder is in default Painkiller directory, I created this folder in “Bin” directory and I had the same “could not find file” error.

    Now it works perfectly for me. Great job whoever made this !

  9. bah, dont work for me either, all my demos look like the jpeg from alpenbog, it asks me if i want to convert to pk 1.35 and then i get “coudn’t find file” errors and also a decompressing error πŸ™

  10. to charly:

    change your demoname from [demoname].pkd to [demoname].rar and upack it on more time πŸ™‚ this unpacked filme will work perfectly !

  11. I get bad thing with the Black Edition… the program starts and when i link the .pkd file, the pkdemo-100 ask me the right CD-Rom…

    The Black Edition is a dvd version…. how can i do with this?

  12. argl.. i have version 1.35 pk and cant connect to any server…

    now i must reinstall 161.

    ( I also copied the files that ends with _161 to the correct folder)
    Anyway I only got a Error msg when someone in the demo took a weapon.
    so it doesnt work 4 me

  13. “Anyway I only got a Error msg when someone in the demo took a weapon.”

    same problem for me, I just installed pk and 1.61 patch + cpl pk++. Do I get that error bcuz of the wrong version or do I have to download some other mods/files to watch the demos

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