Painkiller Banned in China

China View today released a statement in which 50 games have been banned. A few of the games that have been banned are well known titles such as Fifa 2005, Battlefield Vietnam and Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell.

This comes as a surprise to most people, as games such as Fifa 2005 contain no violence at all and have no real reason to be banned. Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell is also a surprise, but due to some of the content seen in the SinglePlayer portion of the game, I guess it can be justified.

The CPL World Tour also has a planned stop in China, which will come as bad news to them.. as they will now most likely have to replace China with another stop.

Tonya from the CPL has released a few words said by the CPL founder Angel Munoz which you can read below:

We have been working with the Chinese government and they are willing to make exceptions. However, if in the end the Chinese government does not cooperate, we can always move that event to somewhere else in Asia.

Hopefully we will get another update on this shortly, stay tuned.

(source: sk-gaming)

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0 thoughts on “Painkiller Banned in China

  1. The PK vendors should do some more work to make it available in China. See Doom 3, which first was banned, but later and now is legal to play. I myself even baught one copy of D3. Everything can be changed.

  2. Because it is an illegal publication ,so BooH have been baned,in China many people have not a valid cd-key played online,fortunately I have a valid CD-KEY(bought from Canada), but it is very expensive, we hope that someone can act for it , as Doom3, it only needs the price of 78yuan, almost 10 US dollar!

  3. after reading it from the sk gaming site i am confident it isnt because of the violence and is actually sumthing 2 do with piracy. heres hoping they still have a chinese wt stop 😀

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