Download Links for v1.61 Patch..

Here you go:


Gamers Hell
FileShack (Reg Required)

Standalone Server

Gamers Hell

More to come as we find them.

Weve had some comments about the netcode from quite a few players already. Remember that BooH introduced a whole rewrite of the netcode along with introducing a couple of new commands to help tweak it. You can find our guide right HERE. Its well worth a look if youre having problems.

On a side note, if anyone has found any bugs in the latest patch, feel free to add them to our bugs section right HERE. Lets hope its relatively clear!

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0 thoughts on “Download Links for v1.61 Patch..

  1. Patch Link works.
    THX 4 the CD Error Post, will keep this in Mind
    … lets test 1.61 (in 1h)

  2. 1.61 server up at (located in vienna, austria), im still downloading the client patch so if anyone has time test the server plz give me statements on performance and playability.

  3. Hmm…

    – Spectator mode not improved (no HUD, or did I miss something?)
    – No line-up for duels (loser gets not queued as spectator)
    – FPS bug still with us (seen on dm_exmortis)
    – Quote: “FIX: Acid damage in DM_Exmortis works correctly.” Bwahaha? Who tested this? Acid does NO damage in dm_exmortis.

    Note: I updated from booh 1.5 to 1.6.1.

  4. this is the worst patch they’ve ever released. bugs galore. movement is so dumbed down now, even the biggest noobs move like pros. 1.35 > 1.61

  5. 1st impressions are good..still a few sound problems but huge improvment over booh imo πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. OMG… Still no possibility to setup some stuff for MP Part (like enemymodels, colors etc. without putting the hands on the config File…. shame on you PCF!)

    But the new Map is nice… like it πŸ˜‰

  7. anyone have a nocd for 1.61? I don’t have my CD 1 at home, it’s at school, and it really pissed me off when it asks to put in a different CD than CD3… I paid for the damn game and this stuff is BS.

  8. WHY CANT I INSTALL THE FUCKING GAME? error while decompressing file painkiller\data\maps2.pak, err = -5 <—- WTF? please help me ! please !! ;'(

  9. I cant install the shit now :\\ error while decompressing file painkiller\\data\\maps2.pak, err = -5 :(( please help someone

  10. Arghhhhhh! I hate the new physics, itΒ΄s totally messed…

    Why the bunnyhops lags? Becasue if you are even close to a corner youΒ΄re stucked and the bunnyhop fails and well my old style is no more… ok it might be funny later because now aim and skill is more important than a bunnyrace for ammo and guns πŸ™‚ But sakh juest swept me to n00bland (disconnect after -1 to 19) yesterday… we wouldnΒ΄t in 1.35…

  11. same problem here with “error while decompressing file painkiller\\data\\maps2.pak, err = -5”

    damn… :-/

  12. Appears there are corrupt patch exe’s floating around…
    I got a working one from the “NoFrag” link on this page.

  13. This patch have fucked up my fps!
    – In 1.35 I had like 300-400fps. Now Im having 75fps! :@

    The movements sucks!
    – I cant make fast turns, and great runs anymore. It feels shitty! :@

  14. I have downloaded the 1.61 patch from FileFront and during installation I had the message map2.pak error while decompressing file, err =5. I have downloaded the patch from NoFrag and the installation was then succesful.

  15. Extract Minimod.pak in DATA/Minimod directory (create this)go to Minimod/textures/fixed weapon … Rename new icons to old icons Name !
    but new version coming soon, with Minimod files πŸ˜‰
    (+ BooH weapons icons)

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