PKEURO Duel III Signups

The PKEuro DUEL III sign-ups are now live! We will cater for 64 players on a first come first serve basis, but if the player demand is high, then we shall open it up for 128 players.

The tournament has took a few changes, and was firstly delayed due to waiting for the 1.61 patch. The new changes are as follows:

– You will require Painkiller patch 1.61
– You are allowed to use the 1.61 PK++

There is no set date for the tournament yet, but we are looking to get it going this coming Monday if all goes well. You can signup here.

On a side note, the first ever version of PK++ (a tourney mod) will be available today and will be compatible with the latest patch; 1.61. The GUI is in early alpha condition, due to the fact it is being further developed with lots more features.. Mirrors soon.


You can download PK++ v02 here. Extract to Data folder, and please make sure you delete your config before starting PK, or you will have messed up HUD effects 🙂

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0 thoughts on “PKEURO Duel III Signups

  1. Ragardless even with 1.35 LAN play will be fine. The real test in online against people far away from you. If you just have the Original PK the 1.61 adds all the stuff from BOOH except for the obviously new SP mode, which isn’t that great anyway.

  2. “Is it Booh or just ordinary Painkiller? :]”

    doesnt matter, since they are both the same and compatible.
    booh only has the new splayer campaign

  3. with all the moaning of gun lag, dodgy sounds, getttin stuck in walls etc, it will be interesting to see the results of this one..

  4. does anyone get a strange lagg out during play, I got it in 1.5 but never 1.35 it lasts about 10secs and maybe happens once a game, everything is like slow motion, otherwise 1.61 seems pretty sweet

  5. but my max speed with bunny hopping seems to be limited. like if you would press in cpma only w+jump, know what i mean?

  6. know it works for me..
    i deleted my config like catphone said and startet a game, then i changed all settings. perhaps you have to start a game once with unmodified settings? i cant remember how i did it when i installed pk++. but i deleted my old config before!

  7. the pk++ does nothing to my speed , just gives me new hub, remove the files and try without it , see if you speed is normal.

  8. Definatly noticed a slow down that randomly occurs spring, felt as if my computer was struggling but it was fine fps was fine just slowed right down. and then was fine again after as u say 10 or so secs

  9. Ohhh PKEuro guys probably dont want competition for this pkeuro pk++ thing. W4rh0g banned on #painkiller.euro =] I love you too man.

  10. so only PK++ is allowed in this tourney?! I would prefer minimod tbh (no offense) or at least allow both mods to be used…

  11. The persons that control the major gathering point of this game could really show a little more respect to Yar. Please do not ban the person that created modifications that we all played with for months from the main Painkiller channel, depsite some mistakes you blame him for. His non-payed work gave us mods that made the game more enjoyable for so long, and gave you the basics for the pk++ Yar-ripoff.

    Finally a question to Yar himself: i remember you planning to add weapon percentages to the game, but that was never realised. Is there still a chance to add this to the game?

  12. Comments like “If u want REAL mod for PK check this” is why I will never support Yar or his work. His mod may be more complete right now but he bailed on all the competitive players during 2 CPL’s, is rude and disrespectful, and is about as reliable as a marshmellow doorstop.

    I didn’t post this to upset anybody but that is how I see the situation. Go away and grow up Yar.

  13. Okey ppl, im arrogance etc. i know 😛 But i doing this mod because: maybe im not always talking like this but however i still like this game and i think some people like my mod and enjoys playing pk with it.

    I dont have that amount of time like before but u can expect 0.4 update (probably in this week) with fragmessage, stats and other nice things ;]

    Cya later guys.

  14. I feel like it would be a weak move to release OSP 2, using all the code from OSP, for Quake3, and then do your best to tell Rhea and the development crew from OSP that they suck and that you do not want them in the game community. Don’t forget the months and moths of Painkiller playing with Chainsmod, and then the Minimod before the code was copied. Even if he didn’t finish his previous work, Yar erarns more respect from you guys.

  15. “Respect” evolves along with the person. For example, I do not respect an a-holes character just because they are good at games, but in game I might respect their ability.

  16. Yar: Grow up, grow some balls and fo.

    To everyone else: The tournament WILL start saturday. I will post brackets and other information in 1 day.

    ps. Where did I say that no one could use minimod? You can use what you like.

  17. So with a saturday start that means no pros(hopefully :D) and also PCF may have enough fire under their but from CPL to make 1.62, or whatever. But then they’d have to have a 1.62 cpl mod, darn, cpl’s in deep.

  18. By CPLJustin

    I would first like to point out the reason these guys HAD to write the mod for us in such short time. Yar fell through, not once, but twice. He TWICE made committments to have the mod ready for CPL and TWICE backed out with no notice to the CPL or community. The first time Yar backed out, he left the CPL hanging after he committed to updating the previous mod to work for us. When he quit responding to email, IRC, etc, we began to look for a new solution in the very short amount of time we had. The only solution on such short time was to look for someone who could continue the work that had been started previously. After they started work, Yar came back and the development team said they wanted to step aside and let Yar continue his work. After we arrived at the event, the solution we were sent from Yar was lacking. It would not work with dedicated servers and the timer bug fix. These guys stepped in and finished their work and sent it to us for testing. Any bugs found, they were available within 15 minutes to correct the bug or add features and send us the patch. The result was that these guys were able to get the job done that Yar failed to complete. I thank them for their work in getting it completed.
    pkeuro : : Posted on 12/22/2004 7:06PM

    People are so swift to forget.

  19. 2Yar
    Please add to minimod:
    1) fragmessage and new killsound (old killsound isn’t the best…)
    2) simple scores on hud (example: my frags/enemy frags)

  20. A mod isnt for an organisation, a mod is for a community. Even though the organisation somewhat created 80% of the scene.

  21. Ah right, forgot about that. I have another Russian friend who had the same problems after installing 1.6.1. He uses that language fix I was talking about now and Russian came back, but he says one letter is missing now in the whole game… :-/. Then he switched completely to english… 😉

    So… I thought the brackets should have been released yesterday??

  22. eSrem, it was the commnunity who wanted the mod for the cpl, and why yar royally screwed the community over, is the point of justin’s comments. The emphasis is it’s not a question of the mod itself, it’s of yar’s flawed immature character and actions

  23. The name “4K|RazorB The Movie” would almost be suitable for this. But otherwise a pretty good movie with some crazy shots in it.

  24. I must say the same as sprtn did. You have a lot of frags with Razorb, not that it matters – that much….

    The music, was really nasty! When I saw the movie i muted it. Cuz the music is like cutting in the ears, on the bad way!

    But else:
    + Frags
    + Effects

  25. well i would have variety but nobody submited me any demos!!! and i posted something in here like 3 times so i dont wanna hear it :):):):)!

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