DM_Lukin Alpha 2 Released

Lukin has released Alpha 2 of his first DM Map DM_Lukin. The Map has a certain CPMA feel about it with a relatively high skill level at jumping required to navigate smoothly and efficiently around the map. A good map for anyone wishing to hone this skill 🙂

Lukin is looking for feedback to his map on our forums HERE so please go DOWNLOAD the map and give it a whirl! Its a little way off of arting yet so we won’t put up piccies just yet 😉

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0 thoughts on “DM_Lukin Alpha 2 Released

  1. ‘This is a very good map, only one thing needs changing imo’ <– heh, erm, which is…?

    he talkin about the green blob machine which wasnt included…the green slime that hurts u when u go into it should have a machine which makes it and can b the main part of the map!!!

  2. i think i should start a petition so that the green blob machine (which is wanted more than the 1.6 patch) is put into the final release of dm_lukin….. if u agree just type yes underneath this comment.

  3. comunity grows so fast …..
    that new guy vo0 has to work on many various aspects of pk: he has to learn pk movement, i think its basic thing – without good movement he wont win any game

    some tips 4 u and other new to this game:
    -get yourself pk++ mod
    -buy mouse (pk is fast, so dont play on keyboard only: keyboard+mouse is a perf set 4 pk)
    -work on your movement
    -dont worry – its normal that u wont get a frag 4 long
    -and practice practice practice (others use my motto too)

    turkey stop has been postponed, so use my hints and maybe u will win some game in turkey (u have 5days to practice practice practice from now)


  4. i have another good tip, don’t know if it is a cheat or a bug. If you jump and jump again when you land etc, etc, you gain speed. But I wouldn’t use it at Turkey WT because people might see it as a cheat!

  5. ive tried that on my comp and it must be random – impossible to do on my comp – i talked to a friend, he said its a cheat included to some pach (??????)

    do some1 use any patch to pk? ive heard that 1.0 is the most stable version of pk.

    anyway dont tell the new guy to cheat when he just walked into the game ….

  6. yeah sorry that the newguy (voo) now knows about the great bug in pk. About the “pach” you are talking about, I believe it’s called a “pack”. I don’t use them because I don’t have enough free space on my computer to download the patch.

  7. hmm i download latest patch painkiller 0.99 it taked 2 days i have pings 255 and fps 2 now i can train and be good in pk online :E

  8. sevenflow you forgot about one, very important thing-Vo0 must learn the map.I have noticed that when you collect armor it is harder to kill you…So gather it when you have a chance.I also discovered usefull thing-I call it rocket jump(r).If you want to know more about it pm me

  9. Well actually, rocketjumps are nothing more than a myth. It is a thing that started on the inet as a aprilfools joke. Believe me I am playing pk for a very long time (about 2 weeks) and doing a rocketjump is impossible. Nobody can press page down that quick, only when you are a mouse-user (there are like 20 of them) you can be that quick, but you rarely see this guys.

  10. yes i have super pings so fast fps and i cant do this (always kill myself) like in this song “this is kind of magic..”

  11. rchrd you must practice.Believe me or not but I can pick up rl and golden armor on Sacred in about 1 minute since respawn.All you gotta do is to use my config-WSAD,look down-e,look up-q,fire-space.I was playing today with a cheater.He was fast as hell and jumped like a f**kin bunny so I couldnt even take a look at my keyboard to make rj…They should fix it in next patch.Btw-I can’t find crouch button

  12. *important*
    if someone kills you, they are a hacker.. cuz if they dont hax they dont win. so always be like ‘omg wtf hax’ whenever you lose a match/die/get hurt/win

  13. I’m sorry how can i jump?i heard that i can do electro shot-ground to fly?Would somebody help me?…BTW hitman there’s stake jump!i have seen it

  14. ekh i remind u that we pro0-comunitu are here to help the new guy (he went to eat kebeb in istnabul) – dont make this offtopic!

  15. sevenflow i heard that you’re going on pga?we would fight again..after yesterday fight i think that i win!remember Mr_laggy.He really kick ass:].sevenflow plz don’t comment this on forum ;)or make new topic==>Polish lag in europ servers lol

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