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  1. cool, those dont work just like how 90% of the rest of the cpl demos dont work. why bother finding them if you cant upload them right.

  2. Because they do work – Need to extract them twice, rename the pkd[1] extension to rar, unrar, and there are the demos.

  3. ‘it’s vo0’s pov btw \o/’ <– I believe all pk demos are multi pov… if they are non-spec demos, you need to enter spectator mode while watching the demo; as spectator you can view however you wish. (Unless this has been fixed/b0rked since I last checked).

  4. plz someone explain how this spectator thing works. I write spectator 1 and then?
    Scrolling doesn´t work for me. I have mousewheel up/down for next/previous wheapon in my config but it doesn´t work.
    How do i change pov and important: 1st person view.

  5. thats what i´ve done tectonic

    i tried:

    Cfg.KeyPrimaryNextWeapon = “Mouse Wheel Forward”
    Cfg.KeyPrimaryPreviousWeapon = “Mouse Wheel Back”

    Cfg.KeyAlternativeNextWeapon = “o”
    Cfg.KeyAlternativePreviousWeapon = “l”

    and after that:

    Cfg.KeyPrimaryNextWeapon = “l”
    Cfg.KeyPrimaryPreviousWeapon = “o”

    nothing happens when i try to switch view with mousewheel or l,o.

    (changing players with fire1 and flying through the map with fire2 works)

  6. Handy, press your `jump` key.
    Then change to First Person by pressing your ´previous weapon´, or ´next weapon´ key. Although it seems you have done something along the lines of this, i thought it was still worth typing, since you´re not the only one.

  7. i tried it with pressing jump an then mousewheel up/down and o,l
    and after that with pressing all at the same time (jump and mousewheel)

    nothing works.

  8. Lol, only 1 question about the diffrence between two packs that aren’t even released yet. Asking only 1 question isn’t a interview.

  9. rchrd if I’m not wrong it’s only a demo.If ppl will like it they will release full version.Btw I think Painkiller is the best game from this tree.What a moron names his games 1.35 and 1.61?

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