United 5 World Tour Team

As a manager for the One versus One (1v1) Division of United 5, North Americas #1 Multi-Gaming Organization, Aikido will use his extensive professional gaming experience to expand their presence in the 1v1 Deathmatch market. He will start by managing United 5s team for Painkiller, the official game of the CPLs World Tour, in which players compete in ten different stops around the world for a prize purse of one million dollars. After recruiting the top players in North America, he will help them train using methods gleaned from traditional sports. He will also promote United 5s players and sponsors, contributing as best he can to the inevitable success of professional gaming as the great new sport of the 21st Century.

“As a self-proclaimed professional gaming fanatic, I am extremely happy to work with United 5 to develop the best 1v1 Division possible. With the help of my experience and my love for 1v1 Deathmatch, I expect our players to be some of the most entertaining, successful, and popular gamers—for the World Tour and beyond. Having watched prize money for professional gaming go from ten thousand dollars to one million in a few short years, I can’t think of anything more exciting than this opportunity.”

-Andrew “Aikido” Dobbs

About Aikido:

Aikido started his career in professional gaming over six years ago in the second season of the Professional Gaming League. As a 1v1 Deathmatch player, he was most successful in Quake 3, winning several local events and holding his own in national online and international LAN tournaments. In addition to individual competition, he has managed four gaming teams over the course of his career, and he was responsible for as many as twenty players.

Outside of professional gaming, he worked as Manager for Elite PCs LAN gaming center and is currently a Peer Advisor for the University of Arizona. He will receive his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from U of A in May 2005. Already an award-winning, published writer, he is the recipient of the Hattie Lockett Award, the 2004 Frederica Hearst Poet Award, and the Editors Choice Award from Persona magazine. Prior to attending U of A, he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Advancing Technology with an A.S. in Technology Commerce.

First World Tour stop: Istanbul

A couple of days ago, the CPL announced that the first stop of the world tour will be in Istanbul, Turkey. Beside the PK tournament with a a $50,000 cash purse, the CPL invites all the registerd participants to a free city tour. The following attractions will be visited:

Topkapi Palace
Haghia Sophia
Yerebatan Sarayi
Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazaar)
Dinner at Cicek Pasaji: Istiklal Street

Source: www.theCPL.com

Painkiller IRC Chat Concludes

Last night saw Brian Gladman from DreamCatcher Games & Adrian Chmielarz of People Can fly in a nice Q&A over at GameSurge. The questions were mainly SinglePlayer focused, but when something about MP finally came up.. it got explained in quite a lot of detail.

[PCFAdrian] The code is completely new now. Its not updated, its not upgraded – its a brand new multiplayer code. Its so good, that I wanna run around naked screaming it ownz0rz, but some more rational people keep down to the ground and ask not to get anyones hopes too high 😉

Further more to this IRC interview, there was the first ever “Feel the Pain” episode from TsN, which you can find a fairly detailed summary of here.

The IRC log of the Q&A can be found here.

TsN : Feel The Pain #1

Last night, TsN brought us the first in their weekly look at MP 1v1; Feel The Pain, which primarily focused on PK. The show was presented by Stile, Liuokin, with special guest Toast.

Early on most of the TsN members, although not new to online gaming, confessed to being new to Painkiller, but despite this gave us an interesting and balanced discussion about the game.

The possible impact of the new netcode was discussed, which is clearly difficult, since theres been little or no solid indication about how much of an improvement the complete re-write of the netcode will be. The state of the existing netcode obviously merits change, although TsN expressed concern that the new netcode might be worse. It was pointed out that any new netcode may possibly bring with it some changes to the gameplay, but it was surmised that the pros could quickly adapt to these changes.

Next an overview of the maps was given, mainly detailing Psycho, Sacred, and Fallen2. TsN gave Sacred a high rating, were indifferent to Psycho, and unsure about the merits of Fallen2.

The discussion about Fallen2 brought them onto their next topic; the weapon balancing. Their main concern here seemed to be that the lightning gun was far too overpowered, and one of the reasons they gave for Fallen2 being a bad map for 1v1 was the domination of this weapon. The phrase sports game was used, referring to the activity in which the players would attempt to be the first to LG at the beginning of the game.

Following this the discussion moved to discussing the use of the rocket-jump binds from within PK. It was proposed that this was reserved for newbies, and would have no place in competitive 1v1 gameplay. The counter argument for this was given that it was part of the game, and people should not complain about something which was intended to be used by the makers of the game. The analogy drawn here was that of shield-use in Counterstrike, which is sometimes frowned apon. The conclusion to this discussion seemed to be that it should, and would, be up to the community to decide.

Next the use of powerups within 1v1 was discussed. Although some partial support for this was heard, the concensus was that this was a bad idea for duelling, since it gave such a large unbalanced advantage.

Finally, the evening was concluded by Toast playing Destrukt, with commentry by Stile.

(my apologies for any mistakes or omissions in this text)

TsN Central Website

pkeuro 16 player invite tourney

Painkiller.euro 16 Player Invitational Tournament


1. Vo0 – confirmed
2. SteLam confirmed
3. Stermy – confirmed
4. Gellehsak – confirmed
5. impulse – confirmed
6. AphexTwin – confirmed
7. Ztrider – confirmed
8. zhrance – confirmed
9. CPLains – confirmed
10. razorb – confirmed
11. Forrest – confirmed
12. Burnie – confirmed
13. Hiten – confirmed
14. elpajuo – confirmed
15. Mad – confirmed
16. Sakh – confirmed

16 confirmed players – seeded


The Painkiller.euro 16 player invitational tourney will be held on 6/11/2004. The tournament will feature 16 top european gamers (hopefully), not all exclusively proven to be good at Painkiller, but they will have their chance to prove that. We are providing this tournament to give the players a chance to experience a little taste of what they will see at The CPL, and also for the community.. to see what great spectator potential this game really has. The tourney will be straight knock-out format.


* A legitimate copy of Painkiller with a valid cd-key is required to play in this tournament. Along with that, you will require the latest patch. (1.35) Mods such as “minimod” may be used also.

* Admins will call the players in turn to the server to play the matches. Players are to remain in the channel and not join the server unless requested to by an admin.

* At the end of the match, both players will leave the server and return to IRC.

* All matches will be played on pkeuro supplied servers. These will be based in the UK.

* Power-ups will be disabled.

* Forward Rocketjump will be disabled.

* Time-Limit will be 15 & Frag Limit will be 0.

* Brightskins will be on.

* WeaponStay will be off & Weapon Respawn will be 15.

* Best of 3 maps will be played. Each player will pick there own map, and the 3rd map out of the map list not chosen will be the 3rd map played.


The maps to be used are:

* DM_Sacred
* DM_Psycho
* DM_Fallen2te (DM_Fallen2 tourney edition) – Can change to default Fallen2 if players want.

DM_Fallen2 tourney version

There is a new version of DM_Fallen2 available for download. The new version was tweaked by gellehsak, and features such changes as:

2 rls, 1 lg, 1 sg, 1 ga, 1 sa, 1 mega, 6 25 health, 2 small lg packs, 1 large rl pack, 1 small rl pack, 1 freezer ammo pack, 3 cg ammo packs, 3 shiruken ammo packs, 3 shotgun ammo packs, 3 stake gun packs, mega moved to the center platform in the old-ga room, mega from center “pillar” in lava is now a 25h bubble, lg has 30 ammo on pickup, and the ammo packs have 15 each.

Its a very good edit to the map, and will make for much more exciting games. Fallen2 originally is pretty boring, as its mostly all LG with no exact flow. Hopefully The CPL will take a look at this.. and use it in their upcoming $20,000 tournament.

You can download the map here.


Extract the DM_Fallen2te.pkm to Painkiller/Data.

Winter 2004 floorplan released

A final version of the floorplan for the The CPL – Winter 2004 event has been released.

In addition to hosting two gaming tournaments, the event will also host the first North American Qualifier for the $1,000,000 CPL World Tour. The World Tour competition game is Painkiller and the qualifier will offer $20,000 in cash prizes and $10,000 in air travel to the World Tours first $50,000 stop in Istanbul, Turkey.

Full admission for the Winter Event is $80.00 – there is no additional charge to enter an official CPL competition and/or bring your computer to the event. Spectator-Only passes are $20 for all five days of the event.

The online registration for this event will close Monday, November 15, 2004 at noon Central.

You can find the floorplan here.

The event is getting closer and closer. Its sure as hell going to be a great event for Painkiller, but I suspect that everyone is still learning.. and we will see the best Painkiller has to offer as the year 2005 progresses when everybody has perfected their style and learned everything there is to know. Only 16 days to BOOH also!

Feel the Pain! – Powered by TsN

Noticed on Painkillers official forum, theres a thread created by TsN|Stile with the announcement of a brand new TsN show; Feel the Pain. The new show will feature such things as exclusive interviews, detailed analysis of the maps, the 1v1 scene and will have a unique guest for every single show.

You can tune into the show every Wednesday night at 8pm EST. For more information, please visit tsncentral.com.

Spots still open

Game: Painkiller
Cash Purse: $20,000
Other Prizes: Air Travel to World Tour Stop (6)
Sponsor: NVIDIA
Tournament Style: Deathmatch (1 versus 1)
Tournament Capacity: 128 Competitors
Registered Competitors: 104
Spots Available: 24


The online registration for this event will close Monday, November 15, 2004 at noon Central.


The Cyberathlete® Extreme Winter Championships, primarily sponsored by the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with HT Technology Extreme Edition, will take place Wednesday, December 15 to Sunday, December 19, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.


For more information on the Winter Championships, including rules, monitor rental, room reservations, travel discounts and other hosted activities, visit the official event website at: www.thecpl.com/winter2004/

MiniMod 0.15 released

MiniMod 0.15 version its ready and avaliable for download. In this version we will be able to find among others the following features:
Hitsounds, Timer, Ammo list, etc.

And several features more. For the correct operation of this MiniMod is necessary to uninstall of any previous mod and have the patch 1.35 of the Painkiller installed. If u have any of previous MiniMod versions installed, u can overwrite it. For more information and download: http://yar.frayedminds.net/minimod/

Winter CPL Player List

The signups for the Winter CPL have begun and a LOT of big names are signed up and ready for action. To name a few: Vo0, Stermy, nts`zen, SK|zyz, SK|GitzZz, C_Lains, Aim, Cha0ticz, Daler, Stelam, proZaC, Lexer and of course Fatal1ty. The competition should provide some indications of form for those who tried Painkiller previously and moved on to other games, only to return now that CPL have moved behind Painkiller.

I only hope that the CPL can manage to record demos this time…

You can catch the entire list of signups here.

BasePK map reviews

Back in the day when Painkiller was new to us all, I put together three map reviews to help everyone get upto speed. The map reviews were for DM_Illuminati, DM_Mine and DM_Fragenstein. Now we seem to have picked up some more interest again (no idea why 😉 ), feel free to have a look over the reviews and make my hard work worth the effort 🙂

DM_Illuminati DM_Mine DM_Fragenstein

Refresh Rates

This is quite obvious, and I apologise to those who already take this foregranted, but I think a lot of people forget to do this and dont have PK running at a comfortable refresh rate for their eyes.

To set the monitor refresh rate, you need to access the display control panel (either by right clicking and selecting properties, or via display in control panel). Find the manufacturer specific options for refresh rates. These are normally under Settings|Advanced|Nvidia/ATI blah.

You should be able to find the following page:

Select the resolution in PK you want to use and set the refresh rate (this assumes you know what your monitor can handle… beware about damaging your hardware).

I find 120Hz PK a lot more comfortable to look at than the default (which I think is 85Hz).

I hope this helps people 🙂


Just a quick word about our servers. They are now up and running on the gamemode TDM, and a maxconnect of 2. Our servers are provided by our sponsor ukgamer and are run on top of the range hardware, so they should be pretty stable. The Ips are:

PKEURO.COM [1]|14ms|
PKEURO.COM [2]|21ms|

The servers are located in the United Kingdom, so they should provide fairly decent pings to most of europe. There will be a 3rd server up fairly soon also from what I gather. More details on that one soon.

New BOOH Screenshots and Info

The official Painkiller website has published four level screenshots from the development of the forthcoming BOOH SP add-on.

The maplist is The Orphange, Loony Park, Dead City, Leninggrad, Underwater Temple, Apocalyptic City, Pirate Caves, Lab, and Coliseum.

loony2small.jpg orphanage2small.jpg leningrad2.jpg

You can find the info here, in the expansion pack section, where you can also find out about the new monsters and storyline behind the expansion.

Painkiller, a case study.


Firstly, my name is Vladimir spids Pornavich, and Im an average gamer that just plays games for fun. Secondly, Im about to share with you some thoughts on Painkillers return from the dead and such.

I would like to thank pkeuro for providing me with a place to vent my feelings. BIG UP THE PKEURO GUYS, RESTECPA!!

Now, the point of this article is for me to explain my views on current happenings with Painkiller, the World Tour and other things that may cross my mind once I stop talking bollocks and get down to the serious stuff. Ok, lets begin.

When I first heard of Painkiller from E3 2003.. I thought “great, another Quake-like game with new gfx and weapons”, “Im gonna keep my eye on this”. So, I did. I got involved with the early formation of pkeuro, got to know the guys on IRC and we all waited eagerly. Then there was a leaked build sometime in late 2003, in which we all jumped on and played. We thought, “buggy, yes. but it has potential already”. So we waited some more. We finally got the chance to play the real thing in the middle of April this year, and we were all shocked at the state of MP. The MP was probably the worst you could ever hope for out of the box, it was like playing the leaked build all over again, only this time with more maps and weapons. The netcode couldnt even handle 1v1s properly, there was no callvote system, no dedicated server, no nothing really.

Anyway, Painkiller got a lot of much needed fixes in patches coming out at a regular basis. Although, we all knew the netcode would never be fixed unless it got re-wrote from scratch. It never did. Painkiller went on to appear at The CPL and ESWC this year, in which it made quite an impression.

Now, to compare Painkiller to any other game would be stupid. Unless ofcourse, you see its similarities to the almighty QuakeWorld.. then I guess you could compare it in some sense. However, Im going to try and compare some basic features with other games currently on the market, such as UT2004.

Forgive me if I dont get everything correct, as I have only played UT2004 about 10 times ever. Anyway, 1 thing that comes to mind when comparing Painkiller to UT2004 is that in reality, you cant. Other than UT2004 went to something new in gaming, like making vehicles and vehicle based game-modes an option to play. Which, seems to me that the developers of UT2004 seem to want to push gaming to a futuristic level, where as Painkiller wants people to stay with the old times and do some OLD SKOOL fragging. I know which Id prefer. 🙂

Onto the CPL World Tour, I am sure many people are confused as to why Painkiller got chosen over UT2004, and Im not going to bash anyone for that. I am as much confused as you are. Painkiller has horrible netcode, no advanced tourney features and certainly no tourney tools such as PKTV. Where as UT2004 has them all. UT2004 also has the larger fanbase, where as Painkiller still to this day, doesnt have more than 100 people online at any one time. This leads me to believe Painkiller was simply chosen because:

1) The CPL got paid to use Painkiller.
2) UT2004 devs/publisher dont see UT2004 as a tourney game. ie. dont support it enough.
3) The CPL just simply liked Painkiller duels.

If Im honest, Id say #3 was a more truthful answer. Although Im sure a lot of you think otherwise. I also believe Painkiller was the right game to choose, even with its lack luster of features. Speaking of features, did you see the list of promised things for the World Tour?

I would like to question how they came up with this list. Theres gotta be some other reason to why they want the things on that list other than the old “CS has them, and look how successful that game is in tourneys” answer. I heard a rumour that a couple of CAL admins went around and asked people what they wanted for PK, and thats how the list was formed. Who did they ask? Why did they ask those specific people? Id like to see an answer to that.

Another thing that springs to mind when I hear about these promises are:

1) Isnt this the same DC that promised us new netcode long ago?
2) Isnt this the same DC that promised us pro-mode for 1.2?
3) Isnt this the same DC that promised us a QW like game out-of-the-box?
4) Isnt this the same DC that promises a lot of stuff, but it never actually happens?

My point is, DC break promises. They promise all this stuff, but in reality they are just the publisher. They dont have to code anything. All they do is rely on the work of, and take the credit from the developers of Painkiller; PCF. So what Im really trying to say is, dont take everything the “publisher” says foregranted. Especially this publisher. Its also odd that PCF werent even mentioned by cpl/dc at the world tour announcement, that was broadcasted by TsN.

I hope Painkiller does well at the WT this year and from what Ive seen, all the new people that have come to Painkiller since the WT announcement have enjoyed it. Its a different style of game to what we see these days. Its very very old skool, like the types of QW and Q3. PKCTF may even become big in BOOH also, and even TDM.


U.S CPL servers!

TheCPL announced today that Insomnia365 will launch five public Painkiller servers. Insomnia365 who is the most advanced online gaming community.

The servers are running at, ports 3455, 3456, 3457, 3458, and 3459. You can view the status of these servers here.

Today (October 19) Insomnia365 will launch additional five servers. Servers will go by following IP:

Source: TheCPL

The poll concludes!

The CPL have announced the results of the poll between Painkiller and DOOM 3. The poll was to see which game the already signed-up players wanted to play, here’s the results:

1. Yes – change the the DOOM 3 tournament to the PK Qualifier – 87

2. No – don’t change or cancel the DOOM 3 tournament – 81

As you can see, the majority of votes went to Painkiller, but because of the large amount that voted against it, the CPL have decided the following:

The CPL and NVIDIA have decided to split the tournaments in two – of 128 competitors each. CPL and NVIDIA also have split the cash prizes between both of the tournaments with $30,000 assigned to DOOM 3 and $20,000 assigned to Painkiller.

Also, the top 6 in the Painkiller tournament will each recieve free air travel to the World Tour first stop; Istanbul, Turkey which will take place February 10-13th 2005.