DM_Lukin Alpha 2 Released

Lukin has released Alpha 2 of his first DM Map DM_Lukin. The Map has a certain CPMA feel about it with a relatively high skill level at jumping required to navigate smoothly and efficiently around the map. A good map for anyone wishing to hone this skill 🙂

Lukin is looking for feedback to his map on our forums HERE so please go DOWNLOAD the map and give it a whirl! Its a little way off of arting yet so we won’t put up piccies just yet 😉

New Ritual/CPL Maps v1.0!

The CPL has announced that Ritual have released the final versions of their new duel maps. Weve been waiting for the arting to be complete for a few weeks now and you can now make your final conclusions on the maps. Heres the news from the CPL themselves:

At the request of the CPL, game developer Ritual Entertainment created three new one-versus-one multiplayer maps for Painkiller. The new maps are:

DM_Absinthe by Todd Mr Clean Rose
DM_Ballistic by Russell Castle Meakim
DM_5quid01 by Richard Charon Heath

Download the final version maps here.

DM_Absinthe was used in last weekends Dignitas/pkeuro tournament and had mixed reactions from the players. Let us know what you think of the maps in the comments to this post 🙂

DM_Absinthe DM_Ballistic DM_5quid01