Turkey world tour stop details

The CPL have announced the details of the first stop of the World Tour.

The first stop of the World Tour will be in Istanbul, Turkey, and will take place February 10-13, 2005. The online registration will open Saturday, January 15, 2005 and admission is $65 per person.

The Turkey Stop will take place in Istanbul at the CNR EXPO. Conveniently located two minutes from Atatürk Airport at the intersection of E5, TEM Highway and the Coast visitors coming from foreign countries can have access to CNR EXPO without having to travel through the busy traffic of Istanbul (see animation).

A special discount code will be available on Thursday, January 20th for the Radisson SAS Hotel Istanbul.

Gamers wanting to participate in the free Cultural Tour taking place on Thursday, February 10, 2005 should arrive in Istanbul on February 9th.

Read the details here on the Cultural Tour.

The official tournament game of the Cyberathlete® World Tour is Painkiller: Black Edition.

The Tour Stop will also host tournaments for Counter-Strike v. 1.6 ($15,000) and WarCraft III ($5,000).

Source: www.cplworldtour.com

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0 thoughts on “Turkey world tour stop details

  1. Black Edition will be available in a patch for those that currently have Painkiller: BooH & _possibly_ just base Painkiller.

  2. i doubt that voo can keep his dominance with the new movement and challengers being stronger than ever but he did a lot for the game so keep on rocking voo.
    gl to everyone

  3. Black Edition = 1.6 which wont come out for the public! v1.61 is the next available patch for those who do not buy BE. I gather this is out shortly but don’t know exactly when!

    You best start training on v1.5 (booh) because the movement/rj is the same as this.

  4. let me rephrase what I said. BE wont come out AS A FREE PATCH for the public. This is what I meant. v1.61 is the next free patch.

  5. but honestly, u can’t be serious about rj in 1.6xwhateverBE the same as 1.5. it’s bugged, and IIRC it was said by DC/PCF that its indeed a bug. any infos about what rj’ing will be in the next version? bugged or fixed?

  6. this is a joke, so the oficial version of WT will be not released for the public? so we can train in Quake 3 CPM then we go to CPL World Tour stops, thats seems a joke…


  7. rj are difficult in booh and u cant use em for acceleration like in 1.35 so why u all just scream and shout cuz it much more easy to accelerate with rj but u cant keep the speed this the fukken reason why u all craping arround i will you happy “walking”

  8. eh the only think i forget is that the missing mouse accel features are the biggest problem i found cuz pure sens is not like sens and accel 🙂

  9. Ok. So people who bought PK+BOOH cannot get 1.6? Or can they?

    It seems to be everybody wants 1.35 back for tournys. So why why why would they simply not revert back to 1.35? This question is even more important as it seems they are not even attempting to FIX what has now become broken.

  10. Please keep in mind that this map’s purpose is ONLY for testing the concept of the SMG as a replacement to the mini, and to see if the bolt is really as worthless as everyone thinks (probably is). I’m not trying to create an amazing new Sacred. I think Sacred should be left how it is for competative play. If you have any suggestions that you think I should make to the map in order to make it better for testing this concept, please post them. Maybe I’ll remove the bolt gun and put the SG back where it was in the MH room instead.. I don’t think the bolt has any chance of doing anything… maybe it does though. It would be nice if people would try to play a couple games on my server or something.

  11. ^to fenuz

    “feel free to test the map on my server, “Tectonic’s 1v1.” The password is scrim.”

    Tectonic has a server up providing you a place to test out his maps, enjoy 🙂

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